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I am a sculptor and illustrator with a Fine Arts Degree. I work with different artistic media but lately I’ve been pursuing my passion for motorcycle design and started working on both two and three dimensional concepts and prototypes.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

project "Archer", step by step

Clay modelling, my favourite part of the process.

Plaster version of the future bronze piece.

Cast bronze 

This is me, clearing the unwanted imperfections on some of the surfaces .

The bronze pieces, just polished, without any patina.yet...

There are a few steps : sketching, clay modeling,  mould making, bronze casting and finally polish and patina. the only thing that I can't personally do is bronze casting, this is done by professionals in a safe environment.
The object of this theme is goddess of hunt Diana/Artemis. The idea was to capture the essence, the movement, the tension of the body and weapon. I never meant to represent a human body but rather an epiphany of the goddess which sometimes appears on ancient artifacts as a winged deity.

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